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Are the measurements in the size charts correct?

The size charts come directly from the manufacturer but we frequently get the question about the chest width. If the chest width is unusually small on the size chart it is just the measurement across the front of the shirt from armhole to armhole. Simply double that measurement and it will make more sense. We realize it is confusing but we do not want to alter the manufacturers' size charts.

I ordered the wrong size and the shirt is personalized. What can I do?

Just call us. 816.273.7721. It happens. We can work with you on that. Don't worry.

My shirt doesn't fit and it's personalized! Is there anything I can do?

Just call us. 816.273.7721. Everyone is not going to get their size right 100% of the time. We can work with you on that. Don't worry.

Do these shirts run small, large or true to size?

They do not run large! Some people say the t-shirts run small but we don't get many calls about the sport shirts and almost no calls about the sweat shirts. If you are ordering a t-shirt and you are on the fence on your size, size up. You can always work with a shirt that is too large but the last thing you want to do is walk around the base on family day in a shirt that is too small. Also...ALWAYS try your shirt on before you decide whether or not you want to put it in the dryer after you wash it. Even though they are preshrunk they will still shrink a little when you put them in the dryer. If you order a sweat shirt, check the label. If it says it is 90% cotton it is not preshrunk and will shrink to a normal size in the dryer.

Do you have children's sizes?

Yes. Most of the short-sleeve tshirts include children's sizes from 0-6 months to Youth XL except the ones with the trademarked emblems. Long sleeve tshirts include Youth Small through Youth XL except the ones with the trademarked emblems.

I need a shirt size that is not listed. Can I mail you a shirt?

There is a very good possibility we can order a shirt in your size but since we never know if a print is going to go awry we are not able to accept shirts from customers because there is a chance we will ruin it in the print process. Just call and we'll see what we can do. 816-273-7721.

I need a shirt size that is not listed. Is it possible to get one in my size?

There is a 99% chance we can get one in your size. Just give us a call. 816.273.7721.

Why are all the shirt colors the same for my Marine's Company?

The Marine Corps Recruit Battalions all have their own colors.  Each Battalion has individual companies within it and they are all represented by their battalion color.  We only offer that specific battalion color for each company to prevent families from arriving to Family Day or Graduation wearing the wrong color.

The images on the website seem to be different shades. Are the shirts going to be a different shade depending on which design I order?

No, all the shirts are a uniform color. Some toddler and infant shirts might be a slightly different color but they are very close and we promise they won't look funny in a large group photo.


Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta Companies will all have red shirts. Echo, Fox, Golf and Hotel Companies will all be gold. India, Kilo, Lima and Mike Companies are all navy blue. The female platoons, November, Oscar and Papa Companies will all be maroon.

Why is my shirt gold? My son's color is yellow!

2nd Battalion shirts can be either gold or yellow. Either color is perfectly acceptable. We have never had anyone come back from a graduation and tell us they were wearing the wrong color. Promise!